Best Tips to Make your HVAC Prepared for Winter

Since the summer season is about to end, most people are definitely looking forward to experiencing cooler weather and lower energy bills. However, just because your HVAC units have endured the extreme summer season, that does not imply that you should neglect your responsibility to do the critical maintenance for another season to come. 

Being proactive about keeping up your HVAC systems is crucial so that you can save most on avoidable HVAC breakdowns and air conditioning repair North Port. In this article, you’ll be discovering the following tips you need to pay attention to this autumn to make sure that your HVAC systems are prepared to help you be warm throughout the long, cold season. 

Thermostat Reprogramming 

If you want to keep up a comfortable home as you save energy, investing in programmable thermostats is one of the best ways to do so. However, when you do not have an established program for the winter yet, now is the best time to install it. A lot of HVAC specialists suggest a temperature around 65°. Though it may appear as if you’ll save more bucks if you keep it lower, the sum of time your heat will have to operate to “catch up” once you get home can quickly outweigh what you saved. 

Clean Your Air Ducts and Vents 

Have you tried switching on your heater for the first time after almost a year, just to be welcomed by a burning, foul smell? In most instances, this happens because your heating system is burning the debris and dust that have probably build up during the entire year. 

If you give any of your accessible ducts and vents cleaning and dusting, you will avoid such a smell from happening. Moreover, you might also have to think about hiring an expert duct cleaner this autumn. Aside from an in-depth cleaning, your HVAC specialist will check the ducts for signs of significant issues, such as dents, leakage, etc. 

Replace Your Air Filter 

Though this may appear nonsense, one of the best ways to avoid the most typical HVAC issues is to make sure that you regularly change your system’s air filter. Since a lot of filters are required to be changed every quarterly, the easiest way for you to remember that you need to have your filters replaced is to do it every time the season changes. 

Replacing your air filter often can lead to some perks as well. Since pollutants like dust and dirt cause the filter to be clogged, the HVAC unit will work a lot harder to draw air from your house. Meaning, the system needs to work harder to maintain a particular temperature to heat your home. As a result, your energy bills could drastically increase. 

Book for a Professional HVAC maintenance service 

Fall and spring are the ideal times of the year to book for professional HVAC maintenance. When you have an expert technician working for you to check and repair your systems if needed, you can be at ease knowing that they will do their job well right the first time. 

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