Curing Concrete: What do you Need to do?

A newly installed concrete is nice to look at given that you have invested in it and now have it ready in sight. It is a durable material that can last for years and will definitely serve its purpose for a long time however what should you do and not do when you have a newly installed concrete? 

It is a misconception that the mixing part of the concrete service process and how it was poured are the only necessary things that will ensure the concrete to last and be durable however what everyone miss are the things that needs to be done afterwards.  

The process involving concrete takes up to 28 days. The most important process after pouring of concrete is the hydration process. The concrete needs to be hydrated every single day to seal in the moisture. This is a part of the curing process that will ensure that the concrete is not dehydrated in any way since it can result to weakening of the concrete structure. This is mostly observed when concrete is installed outdoors due to the presence of the heat from the sun. It is also a very beneficial and important process to avoid damages like cracking from arising.  

So, what do you need to do to ensure that you are curing concrete the right way? 

1. Spray with water 

Water should be introduced to new concrete as often as ten times every single day. This is to be done for a week to ensure that the new concrete slowly lets g of the moisture in it. The process is called “moist curing”. If this process is done religiously, you can be sure that your concrete is up to 50% more durable than it should be.  

2. Cover it up 

If you are a busy individual and do not have enough time to spare to spray your new concrete ten times a day, then covering it up will do the trick. Like moist curing which focuses on slow release of moisture, this procedure aims to do the same. Through covering the new concrete in your outdoors, you are ensuring that moisture is released slowly. You can use a polyethylene sheet that is 4mm in I diameter or a blanket meant for concrete insulation. You can easily get these materials from DIY stores and you can ensure that when you have either o the two, you can get the job done without the hassle of hosing down ten time a day. You can easily do the process through hosing your concrete one or twice a day before you go into your business and covering it up afterwards.  

3. Apply a curing compound 

If you are not very patient with following certain steps to ensure your new concrete becomes more durable, then you should be advantage of curing compound. This is a simpler method to ensure that you are curing your new concrete correctly. This compound is readily available and easy to purchase in DIY stores as well. It acts as a protective film to keep your new concrete from releasing a lot moisture. 

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